AseTUB programme

AseTUB is the Plastic Pipe Sector Group of ANAIP, of which FERSIL is a permanent member. AseTUB developed in collaboration with Soluções Extranet, a program for mechanical and hydraulic calculation based on the UNE 53559 standards, applicable to plastic pipe systems in PVC-U pressure (EN ISO 1452), PVC-U sanitation (EN 1401) and of HDPE type PE100 pressure (EN 12201). The AseTUB calculation program allows:

  • Obtain the mechanical and hydraulic actions, through a software (in Spanish or English) user friendly and intuitive.
  • Reflect the results in reports, which can later be converted into pdf in several languages (Spanish, French, English and Portuguese).
  • Save the calculations of projects already carried out in the tool's menu in the user's private area.

Free calculation tool

In this way, it is easier to carry out calculations before the execution of an installation in a quick, simple and accurate way, saving time in making long calculations or unreliable approximate estimates. This software has been developed by Extranet Solutions and is a free calculation tool, which must be used by people with technical knowledge in the static calculation of pipes. The program cannot replace the responsible technician.

Calculation program for Duralight tube

FIL TUBOS offers mechanical and hydraulic calculation services for its range of PP Duralight corrugated sanitation pipes. The calculation program used, "FERSIL 1.0", was developed in partnership between FERSIL, Borealis and the Torroja Institute (Spain). It is based on the UNE 53331 and UNE 53559 standards, adapted to the profile of Duralight corrugated tubes. For more information, contact our technical support services for the project.